A Time to Reflect and Plan

The reds and yellows are giving way to brown and bare. The bright blue Autumn sky is dotted with fluffy islands of clouds sailing by. Lingering green grass covered with leaves creates a beautiful landscape, inviting one to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under foot.

It is the time of year when life slows down a bit. Sure, there is still work to do, hens to care for, wood to cut and split. The garden, though, is about to take a nap. The planting is done for a couple of months, and the beautification projects on hold.

During the busy time, I discovered that I could spend all day working outside. While I love spending time working outside, creating my vision of this little farm, I do have other duties to tend to. The house still needs cleaned, laundry done, dishes washed and meals prepared. You know, the more mundane tasks of life.

I feel as though this last year was a test run, as if I am finding my groove in the whole process. I learned a lot this last year and the winter break will be a time for me to regroup and organize and apply the lessons. One change I will make is to designate time for the farm work, like early morning to lunch. This will help me streamline and make better use of my time, therefore, being more productive .

I am always a day late and seed short. My yields have not been what they should be. This will change next year and I will share my experience along the way. The main goal is to provide abundant food for the family, so there can be no messing around!

We did make some progress this year though. We added:
– 6 Fruit trees
– 6 wine grape vines
– 2 blackberry vines
– 8 hens, which included building a coop and fenced yard
– fenced the garden

Some of our goals for next year include:
– 12 more grape vines
– 4 more fruit trees
– expand garden
– medicinal plant garden
– fence perimeter

Since the work slows down quite a bit, that also means I need to supplement with other physical activity. Therefore, my gym and training time will increase. I really enjoy that time. It is like an end of season dessert.

In the meantime, I will be preparing and sharing some winter home remedies, and vegetarian recipes, hen updates, and whatever else I end up pursuing.




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  1. Donna Kerley says:

    Lovely words…..creates a visual in the mind complemented by the pictures..nice.


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