Fall Fun

Fall is a time to party at The Bent Hoe. The Youngun loves Halloween and I love creating a fun party for him. I enjoy the decorating, bonfire, friends, family, and comfort food. The Halloween party is not just Halloween fun. We wrap more into it such as celebrating Fall, Day of the Dead, our last hoorah of the year. We enjoy the changing colors, crunchy leaves, and cooler air.

We try to make it a little better every year, by adding something new. This year, we thought it would be fun to add carnival games, and even better, create out own. We repurposed items as much as we could to make a dartless balloon pop game, a ball toss game, and a ring toss. While we had the creative juices flowing ‘pumpkin catapult’ shot out of my mouth.

These are not instructions, but more of a primer if you wanted to create your own games. I took some ideas off the internet and customized them for us depending on what I had available.

Dartless Balloon Pop:

1 pallet
3 strips wood
Small Bean bags for tossing

My pallet was not in the best shape. I nailed another slat to it, making three rows for balloons.
I found three strips of wood, that I nailed to the back of the pallet. I hammered some small nails through strips, making three tack boards. Tested it with balloons, made adjustments, and slapped on some left over paint.

I did not have any bean bags so I made some. I found some girls socks on clearance for 59 cents and bought two pair, bought some cheap pinto beans, stuffed the socks, tied them off and cut off the excess material. If I did it again, I may have used something smaller, like lentils. However, they worked fine.
Dartless Balloon Pop Dartless Balloon Pop

Ring Toss Game

Plastic rings

I have a brooding box that we made for the chicks. It worked great. I flipped it over, and added wine bottles. I happened to have a collection (do not judge). The box surface was really too large, so I wedged a 2 x 4 in the middle, dividing it. The box was framed in 2 x 4s and it made for a nice tight fit for the bottles, holding them all in together. I used metal rings wrapped with duct tape, but they were a little heavy. A friend suggested using plastic shower curtain rings.
Ring Toss Ring Toss

Ball/Birdie Toss

Saw horse
Old plastic planters
Something to toss like light balls, yarn balls, bean bags, bad minton birdies

This was so simple. We rescued an old wooden saw horse from a construction dumpster and it made the perfect support for this. I used the same left over paint as I did on the balloon pop game.

I gathered different sized nursery pots and used wire. The Youngun thought bad minton birdies would be fun, and I also used the bean bags I made. For those competitive types, I added ‘points’ to the buckets for keeping score. This was so simple, and I think I enjoyed it the most out of all the games.
Ball/Bean Bag/Birdie Toss Ball/Bean Bag/Birdie Toss

The Trebuchet

My husband, (the resident Builder, Mover of heavy things, Grower of grapes and Vintner) used various designs he found on the web and repurposed wood to build the trebuchet. We made a little cup from an old nursery planter. It is a lot of fun, but the performance was a tad disappointing. So, a redesign is in order. We still catapulted some pumpkins though and had fun with it.

A good time was had by all, especially me while creating these games, and stretching the imagination a bit. I am considering creating a little carnival game yard, and making more games. Stay tuned. 🙂

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