Is It Winter Already?

Apparently, Winter has arrived a little ahead schedule. A storm moved in Thursday night leaving us with a couple of inches of snow and a whole lot of cold!

It was still snowing Friday morning when I let the hens out. I had already cleared a path for them to walk on, laid down straw under the coop, along the path, and in one of their shelters. After I opened the door, they stood there, staring, not quite sure what to make of the white stuff falling from the sky and that oh so cold wind ruffling their feathers. They stood there for quite awhile, then made their trek down the ramp. For the most part, they have stayed on the straw and paths.

They are bored though. I have to go out every couple of hours and break up their frozen water and give them fresh. I have taken them treats like warm oatmeal, popcorn, bananas and apple cores. I throw treats, grit and food in the straw. It gives them something to do.

Friday got really cold, down to 2 degrees. I turned a light on for them, an incandescent bulb, 60 watt. So, not too much but thought it might take that bitter cold edge off a bit. I also plugged in the pooches heated bed. Sometimes it gets too warm for him, but thought dipping down below ten degrees was a good time to utilize it.

They seem to be just fine in the cold, as long as they have fresh water. Like all of us, we are getting a little restless. I wonder if this early arrival is an indication of how the rest of the season will go. If so, it will be a long, cold one!

Peace ‘n Chickens!

Before the storm20131209-071009.jpg


Butter is not a fan of the cold

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