Cold Days, Endings, and New Beginnings

Here we are! A new year! What a concept time is. Winter has made its presence known the last couple of weeks. We were coated in an icy glaze for days; though the days seemed like weeks. We finally thawed out Christmas day. It was crazy hearing the ice fall from trees and the creaking sounds as the limbs began moving again. This weekend is bringing us Spring like temps! Crazy Oklahoma weather.

With the onset of January, we here at The Bent Hoe are planning for Spring. Plants need to be ordered, pruning done, seeds ordered and some started. It is a challenge when our space is so limited. A greenhouse is needed badly. There is no space to prep seed trays. But the list of projects is long and it sometimes is challenging to prioritize. I think we could do a greenhouse pretty easily and cheaply though. Time and resources are needed.

I have three layers now! I have received 1-3 eggs a day. I believe they are Mary Marie, Lily and Mabel.
I opened up the garden to them all and they have done a fine job of cultivating. Last year, the soil was full of grubs. I don’t think I will have that problem this year. 😉

Looking around the place, I really cannot wait to dig in and get some things done. I have come to face the reality, though, that I must become more organized. I must make better use of my time. I have purchased several notebooks to help me. Each one is dedicated to a particular thing, such as blog notebooks, fitness, gardening, projects, meals, etc. I often say, ‘I am not a regimented person. I don’t have a ‘schedule’ “. I realized I say this because, in the past, I never really had to be! I used to work a job, come home, cook, clean, and I usually had martial arts training. That was pretty much it. Growing a farm, and raising a child full time presents a whole other challenge for me. I am in charge of segmenting my time to get things done. I am charged with managing the farm, the house, the kid, and myself. I must dedicate so much time to each thing to reach our goals.

Deac and I have created a list of projects, what the costs are, and the priority. This has helped, though now I feel very overwhelmed and wonder how it will all get done! It helps Deac quite a bit, because he can make his ‘to do’ list every weekend and check things off. In fact, he got a few things done last weekend that have been sitting for a while, and overall, they did not take long at all.

I sat down and began planning each day and realized that there was not enough time in a day. I spoke to the youngun about employing him for some tasks. He sneered, but I think he will find value in it eventually. Deac’s time is limited, so we try to engage him in those things that are not as easy for me to do, such as building stuff.

The weather is wacky, and I have some weekends filled with activities outside of the home, the time is coming where I will need to stay here more. That is fine, there is no place I would rather be anyway.

The hens faired well in the arctic temps. They did not come out one day until after 2 pm. I really did not think they would come out at all. They stayed under the shelter of the half dog house, out of the wind, all huddled together.

As some of you know, we lost our sweet pup, Shadow, last week. He was found in the woods behind our house. I miss him terribly and cannot fathom what happened to him. But we will need another guardian and are preparing for it. One of our priorities is fencing off a section for the dog and hens. I want them to have more foraging space, and the dog needs to be safe. Our plan is to fence the whole perimeter eventually, but we need a solution now. It should be done by March. We will also put Ruby outside with it. Ruby loves to be outdoors, and loves other critters. They will have a very nice shelter as well. It may be a lot to invest in dogs and hens, but they are not live stock to us. They are family and therefore, there is no price tag.

I have increased my bandwidth now, so you will see more blogging and more photos. Thank you for your time, and may your new year be prosperous and happy!

Peace ‘n Chickens!





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