Has Spring Sprung?

I believe it has! The birds say so, the flies say so, and some old tulip bulbs that had been in a jar in the shed, unwatered with no light yet still sprouted, also say so. I put them in the ground yesterday.

This was the scene just a week ago. We had just experienced a winter storm which left significant snow on the ground. Temps did not make it above freezing. It was cold and miserable.


Today…we will get above 80 degrees! Yesterday was warm too. I got out and played in the dirt for awhile, and it was actually a little too warm. A little in between would be nice for a bit. I should not complain though. It was so nice to get out, clean up flower beds, the sitting area, and I set up some hay bales with targets for archery and BB guns. We had a good time! Tomorrow will be a little different story as a cold front moves in, dropping temps back down into the 50s, but still cannot complain about that.

I ordered some of my medicinal seeds and a few vegetable. Then I bought some more at a store. I held a seed exchange event Saturday, but no one came. It was a miserable day, so cold and rainy. I am not surprised no one wanted to get out in it. I created these Info Sheets for quick reference and tips. I enjoyed the time sitting in the coffeehouse with a hot drink and uninterrupted time to read and research.

We have grape vines on their way, so we will be planting those next week. That will make 16 vines! Exciting. I feel anxious though as Spring is approaching because there are no seeds in the ground. Does anyone else ever feel like this?

I have been gathering 4-6 eggs a day. Though yesterday was peculiar as I found only one. Hm. So I expect a good amount today. I looked in all the usual spots too…no eggs. We noticed what appeared to be more pecking, so we applied some pine tar to a couple of the hens and it seems to have stopped. Trudy is still healing, poor girl. But doing well. With the improved weather maybe we will have seen the last of that behavior.

I just ordered this calendar too. I am looking forward to following this method as I have had an interest in it for some time. Biodynamic Planting Calendar.

It is about to get busy here on the farm. I am sure to have many things to share with you including pictures as you all experience the transformation with us!

Peace ‘n Chickens!

Red Beak. Top Hen.
The end to a beautiful, warm day.

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