The Vineyard

Project #1 Down!

Here is a photo log of it. It was so windy today. No fun to work in, but we got it done. On top of that, the whole house is dealing with Spring head colds. Yuck. But that didn’t stop us. It must get done!

The Tilling20140318-185930.jpg
The Vines soaking in water overnight20140318-185938.jpg
Rows Tilled20140318-185944.jpg
Trellises up. We decided to use cattle panels instead of the wire this time. It’s an experiment.20140318-185956.jpg
Done! Vines planted, trellises completed! A job well done. 20140318-190004.jpg

Project #2
Entry way moved. No pictures. Nothing too exciting about a new opening in the fence. But, one more checked off the list.

Project #3
Sitting area revamp and beautification begins. We decided to fence in our little sitting area because the hens have torn up all the beds. For right now, it is fine. But once I get my plants in, no bueno. We can make it look really cool though. I have some ideas. I will post pictures of that so we can have some before and after comparisons.

Tomorrow, we are visiting the nursery and possibly getting some more things to plant.

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