Moving Along

We got a little stalled on our projects. However, yesterday I managed to plant a large portion of the garden. I know…it is already April and most people are just now getting gardens planted  thanks to Old Man Winter lingering on and on. It was 34 Degrees F. yesterday morning! And it warmed up quickly by about 40 degrees.  I had some duties to take care of, a couple of errands in town to make, then I returned and got busy!

I spent hours in the garden digging, hoeing, and raking. We have a tiller, but I have yet to get it running. This is what I planted:

More lettuce
More beans
Holy Basil – Three varieties
A few more onions

The companion planting I did was:
Tomatoes, Peppers, Basil and Holy Basil
Cucumbers and Sunflowers
Okra with Lettuce. The Okra will shade the lettuce when it is grown and the weather is warming.
Thyme and Cilantro
Beans with lettuce

Here was a problem I encountered: Whenever I stepped out of the garden, I returned twice to find a hen in it. I shooed them out, but realized this would have to be remedied immediately or they could undo all of my hard work in a matter of minutes.

My solution: I have lots of extra and recycled chicken wire. I used long strips and fastened to the top around the perimeter. Up close it doesn’t look nice, but from a distance, you really cannot even see it. I think this will keep them out. It is very floppy and flimsy. It will not support the weight of a chicken, and it over hangs so they likely cannot even jump on it if they tried. Fingers crossed. It was easy to do and I may end up implementing it around their yard.

The other things I did not accomplish yesterday:

Potting some plants
Cleaning up yard clutter
Clean coop
Clean trailer
Clean up leaf litter
Re-arrange the mess

I am about to try to knock a couple of those things out now before I have to leave today. I am very tempted to stay home and finish these tasks, but I will not. I need some mat time. (Jiu Jitsu).

Here are some shots of life on the farm. So exciting to see sprouts!

My bean sprout!
My bean sprout!
The garden protection
The garden protection
Beautiful lettuce
Beautiful lettuce
Blooming Redbud at sunset
Blooming Redbud at sunset

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