Chickens, Hail, and Gardens

Last week I was able to work outside. I had considered fencing in our sitting area to keep chickens out of my beds. But that is a big endeavor So I decided to try something else. I fenced in my beds instead. I used about a foot high of chicken wire and went around the borders of beds. I just did one as an experiment. I then installed a cattle panel that I am using as a trellis. I added a bed and wrapped chicken wire around it. I poured in some garden soil, and the hens came running. They did not get in the bed. So, this may work! The chicken wire is not obtrusive and once the plants grow up, it will be less noticeable.
2014-04-12 16.58.05

I re-purposed the set of old steps that were once used on our house and now have potted plants on them. I still have another bed to fence and plant, but it is coming together. I look forward to seeing everything I planted come up and bloom!
2014-04-12 19.54.22

Yesterday brought us our first real storm. It blew in around 4:30. I had herded my chickens in their yard so they would have some shelter rather than be caught out in the woods when it hit. The skies were darkening and the wind picking up. I looked out the window and noticed Butter pecking Cutie Pie. Cutie Pie was just laying there. I ran out, chased Butter away and caught Cutie Pie. She was walking funny, like she couldn’t stay up. The storm was about to hit, and I yelled at Deacon for the cat carrier. I put Cutie Pie in there. Deacon had to herd a couple of hens who had escaped when I opened the fence. The wind was really strong. He got them in and I put Cutie Pie in the bathroom with the door closed. The storm hit almost immediately after closing the door. I look out and see the hens scrambling to a shelter. Except one. There was one hen, Red Beak, who did not budge. She stood straight up, and endured the hail storm, which lasted quite awhile, and the heavy rain and wind. What one earth?! I was concerned she would be injured. The storm lightened up after about 20 minutes, and the rest of the hens came out. Red Beak looked awful! But, she was fine. Crazy chicken.
We took Cutie Pie to the trailer with Blue Kote and Pine Tar. We inspected her and didn’t see any blood or obvious injuries. Her legs were moving, her feet looked fine. We doctored her up and set her on the ground. She obviously injured a leg. She was unstable, but she was walking. She would walk then stop and rest. I put her in the coop last night though so she did not have to climb up the ramp. She looked tired, poor thing.

This morning she came out, still unstable, but walking. Perhaps it is a sprain that will heal. I am keeping an eye on her today and making sure she doesn’t get pecked on anymore. Chickens…..

I have not inspected my garden yet after the storm. From a distance though, my lettuce is still good. The sunflowers look a little beaten, but I think everything will recover. I just don’t have that much coming up yet due to our long winter. And now, tonight, we are expecting a freeze! Crazy weather year.

Life on the funny farm.

Peace ‘n Chickens y’all!

The Eastern Sky from Saturday
The sky from Saturday
The Western Sky on Saturday
The Western Sky on Saturday

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