Tearing Down and Building Up

Since we have decided to stay in the pole barn for awhile rather than build we are making the pole barn a little more comfortable and functional.

Our first major project on this path is redoing the area known as our bedroom. The space is about 10 x 10.  It really wasn’t a room. It was a space where we kept our king sized bed and shared with the living area. I had been looking at some small space solutions and came up with a loft bed. We decided to downsize from a king to a full and we bought a futon type mattress. I wish we had done it earlier because I sleep so much better on this mattress.

This project is not complete but thought I would share our progress thus far and will do an update when it is all done. What is left and we are working on this weekend is adding closet space which will also provide a ‘nightstand’ for us. The top of the closet will be our nightstand. We are also adding bed rails. Ultimately, new furniture will be added as well.

This project actually remedies several problems. First, our bed is not part of the living room furniture anymore. Since it is elevated, it provides more living space. We call it our cave. It has become a nice little conversation area and we have some neat ideas planned for it. Second, by building closets we finally get to move our clothes out of the bathroom. We also removed the couch which was really just a big dog bed. Third, the dogs no longer can get on our bed. The frustration we experienced to discover that dogs had been on the bed tearing up the covers and slobbering on it when we were gone is now eliminated. Also eliminated is barricading it with furniture every time we leave the house. Fourth, it declutters the living space and allows room to better organize. There are many benefits to this renovation and I am happy we are doing this before winter sets in as we will be spending more time inside and it will be more comfortable now.

I also repainted this area and am repainting the rest of the house too, eventually. Once this area is complete, the living area will be repainted next. We have plans to redo the whole entertainment area to tidy up the TV, computer, videos, and video games. We improved it quite a bit last year but we would like to make some more changes. The paint color seemed like a good idea at the time but I don’t like it anymore. It is too bright and stimulating. The rest of the house will not be as dark as the cave though.

We are building a loft bed for Logan’s room as well. A smaller version of our design. His room is tiny and the bed, which is only used a few hours a night, takes up most of the room. He will have a cave too and is looking forward to that.

The big project, and hopefully it is not too far away, is renovating the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and we need more space and cabinets. But that is another post.

I look forward to having closets after this weekend!

Excuse the poor quality…this is what we had.
Deacon built the bed frame first.


Then the supporting structure
Before paint
This is what we currently have.


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