It’s a Beautiful Day on the Farm!

After nearly a month of rain in May we had a short drying out period before Tropical Depression Bill hit us. We received more heavy rain for about three days. The sunset last Thursday evening was a little taste of brighter things to come.


Over the weekend we mowed and weed eated until it was all cut and then we enjoyed some time in The Hollow with the chiminea and cold beer…finally!

Here are a few of the sights around our little project. I love the volunteer/wild flowers that pop up around here and I leave as many as I can.  The Black Eyed Susans are prolific right now. There is an area where I decided not to mow because I could see thousands of them sprouting up and now it is a beautiful little blanket of yellow.

Black Eyed Susans

And there are several bunches dotted throughout the property.

Black Eyed Susans in Chicken Yard

The blackberries are ripening

DSCF2073 DSCF2075

This is a volunteer Hollyhock that came in last year and exploded this year

DSCF2082 DSCF2083

The weeds have literally taken over the garden – Bermuda Grass – it’s the worst! I haven’t been able to keep up with it since it was raining so much and of course all the rain just made it grow really fast. I spent about three hours yesterday weeding one small section. That’s how I’ll have to do it; a section at time. Otherwise it is just too overwhelming! I have a few beds that are done producing and will need to clear those and prep for some Fall crops.

The okra is finally taking off. It is strange to not have okra by now. The bush beans are about done and I am planting a new crop of those since the rain kept me from succession planting. I think there is time for another round. The pole beans are really reaching and my trellis could have been taller. They don’t seem to produce as much as the bush beans though. We have an idea for next year to make an arch from a cattle panel next to my new beds near the house and plant some pole beans around it.

My garden is an ever changing experiment. I have a lot of wild/volunteer plants I allow to grow and they all seem to be concentrated in one area – the west end/down slope. Therefore, I have decided to make that part of the garden the flower area. Once you look past the weeds and grass, it is really pretty! There are Red Clover, Black Eyed Susans, the Hollyhock, Marigolds that have re-seeded themselves, and Tulsi Basil that also re-seeded itself. I am just learning how the garden likes to grow. It is showing me if I just pay attention.

That’s it for my little update. With the sun shining and dryer and much hotter days ahead, I need to get a majority of my work done in the mornings. I was out in the heat of the day yesterday. Forget that! It’s time to switch up the schedule again.

Peace ‘n Chickens!


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