My Alter Ego is a Chicken Farmer

This is my husband. Desk job in a high rise by day, budding chicken farmer evenings and weekends (and bee keeper and berry grower). He decided he wanted to raise meat chickens. The hens we have now are mine and they are protected from ever becoming food until their time expires naturally.

There were a couple of reasons he decided to start this venture. One is that lay-offs are ongoing with his company and chickens would provide a cheap food source. Another reason is ethical. His chickens will be well cared for, ethically raised, and harvested. They will be fed a high quality food as well. However, he’s not raising just meat chickens, he will also have some layers and mamas to raise more chicks, providing eggs and meat.

We needed a bigger coop though than what we have for my six hens.  He also wanted to get a rooster and keep the rooster separated from “my” hens. He bought a 10 x 10 shed kit and converted it into a chicken fortress! Inside there is a separate secure area for brooding and nursery that has it’s own door into a protected run. The rest of the coop contains roosts and nesting boxes and a little space for a broom and feed. There is a separate door for access into the large chicken yard. This will keep the chicks safely separated from the adults. He also added a screened window for extra ventilation.



Two weeks ago he picked up his first flock: Nine Black Giants and one Leghorn Rooster. I received two more Partridge Cochins and one White Giant to add to my flock. All together that gives us 19 chickens. They are about six weeks old and still in the run but they are outgrowing it quickly. We added fencing last week and the only thing left to install is the gate. It should be ready by the end of the weekend and they can roam the much larger yard.



He will do his own butchering. We have some friends who are in the chicken biz and have been very helpful and free with advice. It’s a new journey for us. It’s a step towards more food independence and that’s a good feeling.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. debi says:

    With luck the layoffs will not hit your home! But I do admire the nerve it takes to commit to something new.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wow!! I love it.
    Gives me some great ideas.


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