The Flowers are Smiling

It’s that time of year in Oklahoma where the temps, humidity, and heat indices are high making for a miserable and potentially dangerous time to work outside. As we were finally adjusting to the longer work days now we must adjust to the hotter work days. That means getting as much done as we can in the early hours and taking the rest of the day off (sort of). I overheated a bit on Saturday while playing in the garden. Good thing I realized it when I did. It took me about an hour and half to completely cool down and return to normal.

We had a friend interested in helping us this weekend and though our projects are winding down for the year there is always something to do, right? It may not be interesting or fun work. However, we had a couple of projects to wrap up. One was finishing the new chicken yard fencing and installing a gate. And the other was installing a gate on the other chicken yard. It’s been gateless for a couple of years and was kind of driving me crazy. We eased into our day with a nice farm to table breakfast, chit chat, and a little tour of the homestead.  It took them about three hours to finish it up then we sat in the shade of The Hollow and enjoyed an ice cold beer. We love that people want to see what we’re doing even if it’s not exactly revolutionary. When we decided to homestead we wanted to talk with others who had been doing it for awhile so we could learn a few things but we didn’t anyone then who was living that dream and we learned most on our own and through many mistakes. We appreciated the extra hands and enjoyed the company.

It’s just a gate. Nothing fancy. But never take a good gate for granted!
With the chicken yard now fenced, the young hens (and rooster) were able to exit the small run and explore the large yard!

Later that afternoon into the early evening hours we were given a beautiful gift: rain! Sweet, sweet rain! It was a really good soaking that lasted a few hours. We have chances all week for more and we need it! It was a gorgeous morning and the flowers are smiling.

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