Fall Garden Update

This is my first serious attempt at a Fall garden. I prefer it over a Summer garden, though I did plant just a few Summer things. I want pumpkins this year. Specifically, I want PIE pumpkins this year. I thought a crop of bush beans for preserving would also be a good idea. Then I’d throw in some cooler weather plants like cabbage and broccoli (which I have yet to be successful with). We also added some squash which is so good for you. I invested in a decent dehydrator anticipating abundant produce from the garden.

The yellow squash is producing and it looks like we will have a ton of it. I have some Acorn squash just starting to produce and a couple of Zucchini plants that I’m concerned might be receiving too much shade.

Yellow Squash
Acorn Squash baby

The pumpkins are doing great! They are flowering and I anticipate baby pumpkins any day.

Pumpkin bloom

I sowed some Hopi Yellow Bean as well along the northern fence line and I think every single seed germinated. They are happy little Hopi plants.

Happy Hopi Beans

However, only one bush bean seed germinated and then it died. I used seed from last year and I can only guess it wasn’t viable anymore. Doggone it. That was going to be my “main” crop this Fall. It looks as though squash will be now. I sowed some cabbage, broccoli, and peas as well and they have sprouted. Here is a voluntary pole bean growing up the fence and it’s doing great. It was reseeded from last year.


I sowed some cabbage, broccoli, and peas as well and they have sprouted.

My disappointment in the failure of the pie pumpkin seed is real. I really want to grow my own pie pumpkin. Next year I will succeed. I bought seed from various local stores this year. Next year I will order from my reliable sources and not take these chances again. These are just a couple of the many things I have learned, am learning. I hope my mistakes and “failures” will serve others.

Not garden related, but the Sumac is ripening and will be ready soon!


Happy gardening!




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