Relish (or Attitude of Gratitude)

Daily Prompt: Relish

This is my very first response to a daily prompt.

Food for thought?

When I saw this prompt I was not considering the popular hot dog topping, but rather what it is that I enjoy immensely.

There are many things that I relish. I have to say at the top of the list is country living/homesteading and all that comes with that: gardening, wild-crafting/foraging, chicken watching, dirty hands, evening camp fires, star gazing, moon bathing, egg collecting, sunrises, sunsets, foggy fall mornings, quiet living, seasonal changes, and furry companions to name just a few.

Homesteading in an effort to live more independently is challenging. Challenges strengthen me, educate me, broaden my mind, elicit resourcefulness, provide opportunity for intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. If I have done nothing else right, the decision to move to the country and homestead is the single best decision I made. It has, holistically, made me a healthier person. Homesteading has fostered within me a connection to the earth and heavens and helps me define my role in it all.

There may one down side, and maybe it’s not really a con, I don’t know – I am a little socially awkward with non-homestead/country folk. If a topic comes up, for example – foraging/plant identification – I will suddenly become a chatter box of TMI (too much information) and ultimately (awkwardly) trail off because my audience has lost interest and is no longer listening to me. Then I’m left self-deprecating for being such a weirdo. I live in a bubble, but it’s a nice bubble. I guess there are worst things. 🙂

So it seems the word ‘relish’ to me is an attitude of gratitude.

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