The Great Mulch Project

I have big plans for the garden. First, I’m going to lightly till as soon as the grass is dormant. Then I’m going to mulch and let it over-winter before sowing a cover crop in the Spring. I’m also integrating hugelkultur.

But, back to the mulch. I have an abundance of leaves out here. I’m not one to purchase something that I have readily available on my own property. I usually end up working myself ragged sticking to my guns. Some call it stubborn. I call it determination. To collect the leaves, and we’re talking a LOT of leaves, takes a LOT of work so I  use sophisticated equipment. The tarp has a few slits in it; it’s much muchier that way.


Then I rake the leaves onto the tarp until I have a full load.


How do I get it to the garden? I pull it; it’s how I keep my girlish figure (or something). I make sure to alternate arms so I don’t have a Popeye arm on one side and a limp noodle on the other side. It keeps things in balance, you see.


And then I get distracted and take photos of a plant that I uncovered to identify later.


I dump the load into the desired area. Today I covered our hugelkultur bed. I’m sure the chickens will have the leaves all over the place in no time.

I moved four loads today which wasn’t much. I just managed to squeeze that in for the day. I will do more tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…I estimate I’ll be done next April.

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