About Cosmic Owl

The name was inspired by a character in a cartoon – a prophetic owl who appears in dreams. When you have a young one around, these are things you may be exposed to.  Living in the country and homesteading was a (prophetic) dream for us. Our desire to live more independently and as freely as possible brought us to these four acres.

My mantra is “live free” and while that sounds like an easy thing to do, a glimpse into how many aspects of our lives are controlled and regulated reveals that to live free takes a  conscientious effort and can be quite challenging.

We focus on voluntary interactions and networking with fellow homesteaders in our community to foster a mentality living freely.

We love to talk about it, we love to inspire others to do it, and we love to learn from others.


I am the manager, gardener, cook, herbalist, pooper scooper, fire-starter, chicken herder, landscaper, evictor of living creatures (mice, spiders, etc), crazy cat lady, and aspiring drummer, among a few.


My partner in all this, Deac, is the bee keeper, builder of things, berry grower, vintner, fellow chicken herder, butcher, assassin, undertaker, muscle, provider, guitarist, and digger of holes, among a few.


Our offspring, Logan, removes himself from farm life as much as possible. Seriously, who is this kid? He is a techy gamer, cartoonist, comedian, cos-player and displaced city boy.


Our home may not be considered a “tiny home”, but it is a tiny home. 600 square feet shared with two adults, one child, one large dog, and three to six cats. We have no storage space or much of a kitchen which makes homesteading a bit of challenge. It can be comical at times and extremely frustrating other times.

We quickly discovered that our quest for a simpler life takes a whole lot of effort and work…and it’s totally worth it!