December 8

7:12 am It is currently 23 Deg F outside. I am about to go let chickens out and feed them. I am not looking forward to this! Tomorrow morning will be even colder. I’ve got a fire going in the stove and it’s keeping us nice and toasty!

December 6

We are about to get our first dose of arctic air tomorrow. The hens are still laying 6-8 eggs a day. That’s pretty darn good for winter.

November 25

New record – ten eggs today! That means ten out of twelve of the new hens laid. Not sure how long they’ll keep it up but happy, happy for now!

November 22

Just had a nice little storm shower. We enjoyed a mild but very windy day today. I finally am finishing up a little home decor project upcycling a wooden packing crate. I’ll share when it’s complete.

Four eggs today.

November 21

 I found two eggs hiding in the corner of the coop so I collected seven eggs today!

November 20

Productive day! A friend came out and helped us move all the logs from the cut down trees. Then we moved a ton of leaves to the future apothecary garden while also clearing along the dry bed. Really appreciated the help!

I pulled up freeze-zapped plants in the garden, dismantled trellises, and tilled one bed.

Four eggs gathered today.

Awesome chili made with local beef from John’s Farm, beans, and Fairview’s Best chili seasoning.

Great weather forecast the next week to continue making progress.

Life is good.

November 19

The freeze came indeed. The Tulsi is black and wilted along with the zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and okra. The cabbage, broccoli, and most of the plants in the herb bed are fine. It’ll be pretty nice for the rest of the week.

Time to get the garden ready for winter!

November 18

Freeze warning tonight and while we’ve already dodged one and a frost warning, I think tonight it will actually happen. Very windy and chilly day!

All critters are tucked in for the night.

Basil, Tulsi, Sage, tomatoes, squash, and peppers harvested today. Remaining plants (lettuce, cabbage, kale) covered with plastic. Herbs now drying and I brought my pot of thyme inside.

Four eggs today.

AND…we fired up the stove for the first time this season. Air conditioner running yesterday – fire tonight.

November 15th

Five eggs today! I picked some of the last okra and ripe tomatoes.  A freeze is forecast this weekend so I will likely pick the rest of the tomatoes, basil, and sage by end week.

November 14th

Super moon today.

Shorter days..ugh. I feel like I should be readying for bed! Somewhat productive day-I tilled up an area that will be my apothecary garden, dumped three tarps-full of leaves on it and now the chickens are helping to till it up a little bit more and break up the leaves.

The leaf gathering also crosses over into another project which is clearing out some brush along a dry bed so I also did a little clearing.

Yesterday, Deacon installed a cattle panel around the bee hives to create a wind break for the winter. He will then add a tarp to complete it.

I made a peppermint sugar scrub today. I think this will help with the dry, winter skin I tend to get.

Four eggs today; three from the young hens  and one from an old hen. The leghorn is laying now about every other day.

November 13th

The weather has been amazing! We collected four eggs yesterday: one from mine and three from Deac’s. I moved a few pile of leaves to the hugelkultur but over all, it was not a terribly busy weekend out here. Deac spent most of his time make candy blocks and getting in the hives.

November 11th

It was a beautiful day with temps in the 70’s. We gathered four eggs, all from the new flock. I have two hens molting and they look miserable, poor dears.

November 7th

It rained most of the day with temps in the low 70’s.

It was a housecleaning day. Rainy days usually are! Ha

November 6th

I found a couple of sweet potatoes in a bed where I had tossed one out that was sprouting in the house. It grew a nice vine that added beauty to my herb bed. I didn’t expect to get potatoes from it. Next year I will be a little more intentional with sweet tater planting.

Deac put out an external feeder for the bees.  It’s external because it’s too cold to put in the hive and an internal feeder could cause condensation which will cause the bees to get wet and kill them.  Once word got out about the food, they were all over it. And I noticed a bunch buzzing around areas where I don’t usually see them. I stepped in the food and I had several buzzing around me.

We put up the remaining welded wire fence that we had where our the fence separates us from the neighbors and runs along the hen yard. When the chickens get out, they always meander into the neighbor’s yard. We will erect more as we get it.

I packed away Halloween, put the hay and straw bales in the big coop for storage, re-arranged the lights in the Hollow, and worked on a little site in the woods that I’m going to utilize.

We gathered three eggs today: two from Deac’s flock and one from mine. No leghorn egg today.

The weather was awesome!

November 5th, 2016

I removed plants in the garden that had perished due to powdery mildew. I am attempting to save a couple of others including my beautiful zucchini. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Deacon made food for the bees for the Fall that included an essential oil mix  and  he fed his meal worms.

I have two hens molting but we managed to collect four eggs today.

We all enjoyed a little fire this evening before retiring inside. I think Autumn has arrived!

7:35 am

Today’s plan includes removing the squash plants that have succumbed to white powdery mildew. I noticed this in the garden earlier in the year as well. I will have to study up on it a bit and see what options I have. They were producing so well and I was spoiled having fresh squash from the garden available at all times. I kind of cringed when I had to purchase some yesterday.

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