The Treasure Tree

WHAT IS SUMAC? Growing prolifically here at the cOsMic Owl is a little tree (large shrub technically) loaded with treasure. It’s the sumac. There are different varieties – smooth, staghorn, winged. We have winged sumac (Rhus copallina). It has a piece of foliage growing along the stem of the compound leaves, in between the leaflets….

Goldenrod: Friend or Foe?

Many have contributed their Fall sniffles to Goldenrod. However, it may actually be Ragweed that is causing the itchy, watery eyes and runny noses. Goldenrod may be the treatment you need. As nature includes poisonous, irritating plants, she also provides the remedy and it’s usually nearby. Goldenrod Also called Blue Mountain Tea Scientific name: Solidago…

Lambsquarter – Nutrient Dense Food, Medicine and More

Cultivation Lambsquarter grows wild and we have an abundant supply here. I recently harvested a bag full of young leaves from our garden. It is comparable to Spinach in many ways. Compared to Spinach, Lambsquarter is higher in calcium, protein, and fiber.  This link compares raw Lambsquarter with raw Spinach in detail. The young tender…

Work and Rest

I am a little behind on my blog and that is because it has been very busy around here! A quick update: We lost our Golden Campine hen, Cutie Pie. While I never confirmed why she died, she exhibited symptoms consistent with one or two known viruses that kill hens. My other hens are fine….